With Love, 2016

It all started off with a smile. That’s all it took for me to fall for you. That mesmerising smile. It was a smile that could turn my day around. And it did. It changed everything. It turned happiness into pain. It turned smiles into endless streams of tears. And it changed me. I never knew how hard I fell for you till I couldn’t bounce back to normalcy. Something I deemed as ‘just another crush’ turned out to be one of the strongest feelings I ever experienced – that of love, of respect and of compassion. Why did I … Continue reading With Love, 2016

Review: MyDaily – A Food Revolutionizer.

How often do you miss your lunch just because you “did not have the time?” or because you “didn’t feel like ordering?” I don’t know about you, but I surely have done that a million times.  In our daily lives, good nutrition and a balanced diet goes for a toss because of our unhealthy and hectic schedules. Our mothers keep telling us to eat properly, but we know the lives we lead, and in it – health takes a backseat. In such a situation, wouldn’t you like it if you had some food that you could have ‘on the go’ … Continue reading Review: MyDaily – A Food Revolutionizer.