Quirky Diwali Gifts You Can Use: BeingChatterjee

Admit it, everyone loves gifts! Everyone loves unwrapping those lovely, glossy wrappers, not knowing what lies beneath the covers. The joy of opening presents is incomparable. However, Diwali often brings with it the same, old, clichéd gifts which have been on this universe since times eternal. Those are the gifts which are either stacked in the kitchen racks forever, to be put in kheer and other sweets, while some lie in the cupboards forever. We all like gifting, but clichéd and done-to-death gifts like dry fruits and chocolate gift boxes show how less an effort we’re putting in making this beautiful festival more joyous.

For those who’re tired of receiving and gifting boring gifts that have no ‘festivity’ factor to it and useless gifts that you can never use (Wow! I just defined useless), BeingChatterjee brings to you a list of 5 quirky, young, useful gift items which you can either buy for yourself or gift someone special this Diwali!


  1. Horse Carriage Wine Holder: If you want to flaunt some class this Diwali party, and ought to divulge into some wine-tasting ceremonies, this Horse Carriage Wine Holder is the perfect piece of usable accessory you can buy for yourself or someone who enjoys wine!

    Price: INR 2,299
    Contact: www.bentchair.com




  1. Spin Chill: Raise your hands if you hate, detest, loathe and HAAAATE(we ran out of more adjectives) warm beer. We are pretty sure that this gift will turn your normal Diwali party into something more magnificent. Probably the best invention for beer lovers after bottle openers, SpinChill gets warm drinks cold in 60 seconds. Get the party started fast: Just clip the beer bottle on it, stick it in the ice, and spin it for a minute.

Price :  INR 2,990
Contact: www.beerosphere.com




  1. Multi-color teapot scooter: Too much of alcohol intake in the last two products, eh? This product is for everyone who enjoys a good cup of tea. If you’re a connoisseur of tea and vibrant colors, here’s the perfect product to buy for yourself (or if you want to be nice enough and gift it to someone else!)

Price: INR 2,999 each.
Contact: www.bentchair.com



  1. The Chaiwallah Set: Who doesn’t like some cutting chai in order to dive into some nostalgia? Bring back the memories of chai in the rain, every day, with the Chaiwala Set. It comes complete with a tea kettle, six cutting chai glasses, a serving crate and a whole load of nostalgia.

Price: INR 1742.50/-
Contact:  www.eazelly.com



  1. Morning Fresh: Diwali is not Diwali until you have some Taash parties and some booze with it, right? And a party isn’t a party until and unless it is accompanied by a crazy hangover the next day. Keeping this in mind, this year add a pocket sized Morning Fresh – The zero carb, zero fat and natural alcohol detox drink [read: saviour] into those goodie bags to help you detox all those toxins, keep you healthy and make sure you wake up looking fresh and ready for those morning after selfies… and the ones the day after and after and after! And yes…the party friends will talk about it even more because they remember the evening!

Price: INR 300/-
Contact: www.drinkmorningfresh.com



We hope that this list made Diwali shopping a biiiit more helpful. If you have more quirky ideas, do share them in the comments section!

Happy Diwali, people!

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